Check out Amon Tobin’s set for his new tour: here’s the making of video


If you live in any of these places and like electronic music, I strongly suggest you get tickets. The show will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced, with a set up like this on stage. This gives new meaning to the word, “badass!”  Check out the video above to see who all was involved and how they constructed this incredible set.

To look at this in person, you know that video doesn’t do justice to describe the level of incredibility present in this visual and audible symbioses. They’ve created these glass cubes that stack on top of one another, and he is playing inside of one. They have three-dimensional animations projected on the surface, and at many points, they visually appear to be blowing up into pieces, turning in space, distorting, sliding – and all to time out perfectly with what the music dictates.

Separately these two components to the performance are impressive – to watch the visuals without any music or to listen with both eyes closed. Equally the music and graphic effects are awesome. Together though… they redefine powerful. Now, having seen this show live and in-person, I’m afraid no other performance can come close to topping this genius interpretation and amalgamation of sound and visual design. To say this was brilliant is purely and understatement. I was blown away in every second of this show and felt like one of the lucky ones to have witnessed this incredible performance.

amon tobin | isam live show

amon tobin | isam live show

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