Gorgeous Scenics in the Bon Iver’s New “Holocene” Video

… Not to mention the song is just mesmerizing! (So good, I bought the album, and it is downloading now as I type…)

Directed by Nabil Elderkin, the vocals are as dreamy as the tranquil landscapes surrounding the boy.  Some of Nabil’s clients have included: Nike, Coca Cola, Warner Bros, Universal Music, Capitol Records, SONY, Vogue , Heidi Klum, Rolling Stone, Adidas, Paramount Pictures, Vans, and MTV – to name a select few. In addition, he has also created music videos for other known artists such as: John Legend, Common, Morning Parade, Kanye West, “Diddy” and Seal, to name a few. The style of his videos exhibits a quality that is superior to most and a “level up” from the norm from the way he lights or captures his scenes to the way he intentionally frames his compositions.

Having browsed through Nabil’s work, I am truly impressed with this Australian-born Director’s artistry.

Still Captured from Bon Iver's "Holocene" Video


In this “Holocene” video, it appears these tranquil scenes were shot at a really high frame rate in order to slow it down to achieve that illusive and dreamy look & feel.


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