Mac ‘n’ Cheese, More Please…


This animated short was concepted, created, directed and produced by Tom Hankins, Gijs van Kooten, Guido Puijk and Roy Nieterau – four students at the Utrecht School of Arts. Personally, I loved this piece, and I really hope these guys continue to produce more work together. The style of the animation was really different, not over-the-top with effects, but even the perspectives of the camera angles and facial expressions, lighting, colors and painterly textures in the scenery… just brilliant!

The Description: Mac ‘n’ Cheese is an animated short directed and created by four students at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands. This roughly two minute animation took about five months to make, and about a bajillion peanut butter sandwiches.

The Plot Outline: When you find yourself running scared and running out of energy, there’s only a few options left to outrun your opponent through the southern desert. Stopping at nothing, watch these two guys wear each other out and rip through boundaries hitherto unbroken. Enjoy the ride!

Starring: Biggy, Skinny


To read more about this animation, check out their gallery or to see how this film was made, visit their site:  or check out their Facebook page: 


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