Check out these beautiful visual interpretations of the music from “Selbstgespräche”

Britzpetermann and the musician Karlo Jurina teamed up together to launch this incredible project for the launch of Karlo’s debut album, “Selbstgespräche” which means “internal dialogue.”  What is this project you might ask? A simple answer with an incredibly complex description. Britzpetermann created a visual interpretation that reacts and changes its properties to match the track’s waveform, note by note.  Not only are the visuals really soothing to watch, but the entire album is comprised of really beautiful and bright guitar-like acoustic melodies. I emphasize the like because the sounds you’re hearing were actually recorded from an iPad! This is how Britzpetermann explained the process:

Basis of this interpretation is a constant grid consisting of 190 coincidental symbols. The music itself modifies the grid. This impulse changes size, position and symbols itselves whereby new structures and pictures occure. Every moment is unique. We decided to play single signs by hand which not just distributes a handmade touch to the digital character of interpretation but also a precise possibility to control visualization. As control input we used the iPad as the multitouch surface allowed very intuitively flowing movements. The final signs to this project were played by Karlo Jurina itself, so he could decide on his own how his songs are supposed to appear visually.

You can watch the video below to take a look at how these guys created these stunning visual animations by using their iPads. Brilliant!!!


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