::: 3D Illusions Sketched on Paper :::

It’s not too often I post up sketches on my blog, but this guy’s talent deserves some props. His name is Nagai Hideyuki, and what can I say except that I really like his work. He’s able to create these optical illusions just using pencils on paper. On top of his quirky style, I love the whimsical nature in them. He also takes two sketchbooks and props them up perfectly against the wall so the 3D perspective in each just pops off the page. Check it out…

In his gallery, you can see more examples of the drawings he’s created. He also features some videos on his site, although I wish there was a stop motion camera on him, so we’re able to see more of the process as it evolves. He features a couple of cute animations up there – showing some basic illustration style – nothing really mind blowing but definitely worth checking out if you have some spare time.


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