Get Ready… the Next Wave of Technology is Targeting Your Wrist

Whether we’re talking about the new Sony Smartwatch or Jawbone’s Up wristband, companies like them, Nike and Apple are now developing wearable gadgets that can connect up to your phones or other mobile devices. Now, people don’t even have to necessarily hold or carry their gadget, but yet it can become another accessory – and a very functional one at that! 

Sony Smartwatch

Sony Smartwatch

Imagine owning several of these types of accessories that you slip on and off throughout the day, always having access to important information that’s stored on your device. So, this means you can be hands-free and do what you need to do to go about your day – whether you wear a device to work out, or you change into wearing a more dressy watch for going out to dinner. Either way, you don’t have to worry about being disconnected from the world. And, no more dropping your gadget, if it’s “strapped” onto your body.

Now, none of this is super new – the idea of not carrying your gadget. Armbands have been out awhile now for Apple’s iPhone and Nano, so that’s not really the point here. Rather, this new “wave” is purely about these same companies now designing smaller, more functional gadgets that will give you similar apps and functionality your phone does, but in a much smaller packaged gadget altogether. So, fashionably, this gadget can be a more polished or formal looking type of accessory, or it could be much more sporty and casual. This is always the nature of technology, how it evolves and changes over time. Smaller. More functional. Mo’ betta!

Check out this article for more information on the types of gadgets in more detail. 


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