This Graffiti Artist Creates His Work in 3D ::: Meet Shaka

SHAKA is a visual artist who incorporates a unique 3D in his work. It uses a process that allows him to sculpt directly onto the canvas. His theatrical scenes beyond the literal space of the work to create a bridge to the place where we are. The characters challenge us by their behavior often exacerbated. Faces are fragmented, ribbed, made of abstract shapes or figurative tending to complicate or to codify their behavior, giving the impression that they wear a mask. This show is a static call the meeting to deal with nonsense reflection of our way of being in everyday life.

Meet Shaka.

French Graffiti Artist Magnifique 

Having studied at the Fine Arts school in Sorbonne, he was able to combine his sculpture and painting skill sets into one very unique craft. These three-dimensional works of art are what really separate him from the numerous other graf artists out there. Shaka carves these lightweight materials into their form, which give the viewer unique perspectives as body parts or other elements literally come outward. He likes to treat the canvas as the transition between both worlds, the painting and sculpture. Style-wise, he works in brightly saturated hues that contrast and create vibrations when placed next to one another, only adding to the motion, already so prevalent in each piece. His influences tend to be a combination of elements derived from the works of: Caravaggio, Arcimboldo, German Expressionism, Van Gogh as well as other graffiti artists.

Check out more of his work on his site. Here’s a preview of his graf work you can also watch on vimeo.


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