“Home” Video – Up Close and Personal

“Home” by Chris Burkard in Arroyo, California

To be inspired in your work, it’s probably the most important thing. To be surrounded by people and places that make you want to work creatively and do your best, it’s really the essence of what everyone is searching for… in their jobs and their careers. ~ Chris Burkard

This video, and its message, could be watched and received by anyone. You don’t have to love photography or surfing, for that matter. You could be a guy who works in the stock room or a gal who’s behind a counter in a deli. This movie is short, it’s sweet, and it does an excellent job at reminding us that there’s a whole world out there to explore. We’re not stuck in any place, at any time, with anyone. We have choices that we make every day. If you’re not going in to a job where you really enjoy what you do, you can change your path. Find inspiration in the places and the people around you, should you need ideas of how to make it happen. Most of all, do what makes you happy. I love the ending of this movie where he’s talking so honestly about those last and final words on his deathbed. That alone puts it all in perspective and is (I think) the perfect end to a lovely film.

In his words…

This video really captures the area where I live and grew up. I am constantly inspired by traveling other places, but nothing compares to being home and finding beauty and adventure in your own backyard. I tried to really give a depiction of what photography means to me while showcasing the natural landscapes around me.

Watch the video and find out more information about his work.


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