In the spirit of Halloween, check out these insanely carved punkins!

Who does these incredibly detailed carvings?

What I wonder as I look at these incredible carvings is how long does it take Ray Villafane to make one of these sculptures? How long does he have before the pumpkins start decaying and turning brown? Every picture I have seen is at the end stage or the during phase, and there is absolutely no brown spots or soft spots! And yet, according to a recent article, one sculpture averages out to take around eight hours to create. (That’s an average!) So some could take more than that time, and yet how does he beat the clock?

MSN posted an article this year on him which features a lot of his incredible work and includes a snippet which describes his process. Check out that article to see his work. Also, check out his site, and if you want to learn how to make one of these, you can check out those tutorials!

So more about the artist… this is a guy who showed an interest in art at a young age, and thankfully he was encouraged to pursue it. After graduating in ’91 from the School of Visual Arts in New York, he decided to pursue a teaching career in Michigan. All of this carving talent was realized when he started carving pumpkins for the kids in his K-12 school. After several requests from parents, he started putting these masterpieces in hotels, and it became a hobby for him for years. Since then, he’s collected numerous awards and titles for best carvings, some awards were even given from the Food Network. I’m not surprised though – he’s up on my list as one of my all-time favorite sculptors. I’ve hit the fandom limits on numerous occasions when just gawking at his pictures online. I’d love to see them in person and learn how to do it. I should follow my own advice and check out those tutorials, huh… 😉

What I’m not featuring here in this post but is definitely worth your time… is checking out his other work. In addition to mastering the art of creating jack-o-lanterns, Ray has made a living creating other sculptures for Marvel And DC Comics. His first was the Wolverine character in 2004 for the X-men series, which was followed up by Sabertooth and Magneto.

All of his notoriety from carving out pumpkins to toys lead him down the path of making sand carvings. These, too, deserve your attention, if you have time to peek through the thumbnails. Again, we see more of his exquisite talents unveiled, just in a much more challenging medium. W.O.W!!!


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