::: This is Horrorgami, Origami Gone Mad :::

Marc Hagan-Guirey

is the mastermind behind Paper Dandy and this Horrorgami series. 

This whole series is entirely composed of Marc’s favorite haunted houses that he has recreated so carefully and precisely. Each of these masterpieces is made from one solitary piece of paper and without any glue whatsoever.

So, while it may sound like Origami, these works of art are actually examples of Kirigami – a Japanese art form where kiru means “to cut” and kami means “paper.” So let me reiterate myself again. Each of these houses was created without the use of any glue and only using one sheet of paper to make them. The Japanese are known for precision, attention to detail and mastery in their craft and skill. Marc has definitely outshone himself with these pieces. And, what better time to feature them than now, in early October as we gear up for Halloween!

Here’s a bit of information as Marc explains the process in more detail.

Quite early on, I knew the best way to display the buildings was to use light boxes. The models themselves have a dual personality. In daylight they are at their most innocent: you can see exactly how the piece has been engineered and crafted, but at night when backlit, the model takes on a new character. Theatrical silhouettes bring the kirigami to life and the imagination takes over, filling in the blanks and embellishing the model with details remembered from the film. I liken this to the effect of watching a horror movie during the day as opposed the much more fearful experience of watching it a night. Horror films of the ‘70s and ‘80s are in a completely different class to those of today. At the mere mention of films such as The Shining and The Exorcist I’m always blown away by the reaction I get from people and their personal experiences of watching them. They almost have a “Where were you when” feel to them. This is why I think people have such strong reactions to Horrorgami and for me why they’re such a joy to make.

In this video, Marc gives a great background story on how the evolution of this idea, how it all got started and why he is so passionate about this series as a whole.


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