::: Legos With a Tramp Stamp? :::

What happens when pens come together with Legos?

You get an awesome worldwide viral campaign, that’s what.

Not only that, but what a great way to showcase the super thin lines of the Extra Fine Pilot pens – on Lego mini-figures. Known worldwide in popularity, now people all over can get to know the tatted versions. The mad men behind this project are Barcelona’s Grey agency.

Straight out of your mother’s nightmares, these LEGOS have dedications to Harley Davidson, lots of skulls, and a pretty racy tramp stamp – all of which were executed on these small toys with the most extreme detail and showcase the quality of these pens extremely well.

Now I want to see a series made up for adults that feature these bad boys (and girl) in action! Well, maybe not that kind of action, but how about a 7th Fast and Furious movie? I mean why stop at #6??? They could be featured in the next Bond movie or help the feds catch up to Jason Bourne. The possibilities are endless people!


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