This Guy Uses the Beach as His Canvas

Andre Amador | Playa Painting

San Francisco, CA

Ever been one of the lucky ones to view these beachscapes in person? Andre Amador creates these patterned designs in sand, on the beach, during low tide, using a good ol’ rake and a piece of rope. The challenge is how temporary the medium is – he’s got a couple hours until the tide comes in and washes it away, so there’s no time to lose.

If your office space is on the beach, you just can’t beat the serene surroundings to work and play in the sand. He chooses to work in the low tide because the wet sand is more densely packed, and it creates a more contrasting design when the rake carves out a path. Some of these designs span 100,000ft, so to be able to do this within a couple hours is pretty impressive to say the least. Why does he do it you ask? Because it’s fun! He’ll even help people learn this craft in a group setting, and he also gets asked to create special custom messages, say if there’s a proposal or celebration of some sort. So if you’re in the San Francisco area, consider yourself extremely lucky to catch one of these designs because they’re never there for long until it becomes another blank canvas for his next piece.


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