Incredible Calligraphy, Drawn to Look Like It’s 3D

As a graphic designer, I have an EXTREME admiration to those who also appreciate typography and the skill behind it. The art of hand-drawn type – and even drawing on paper – is not something you witness in person as readily as you once did before our digital age. When’s the last time you noticed someone on the train or sitting in the park with their sketchbook? Scratch that. When’s the last time you looked up from your own phone to pay attention to what’s happening around you – to notice someone like Tolga Girgin who’s been going to town on a type rendering not two seats over from you in your favorite coffee shop.

I have the utmost, intense admiration for this type of skill – be it calligraphy or simply hand-drawn typography. As a graphic designer, these illustrations inspire me to bring my own sketchbook with me places – to look around – to get out of my phone and into the moment and draw. Take a look at these incredible pieces of work.