Charcoal Drawings Created Through the Art of Dance

Heather Hansen puts her body into it, literally. She’s found a way to combine her love of dance and fine art, using her arms, legs and some beautifully choreographed dance postures and poses to create each drawing. The charcoal slowly and evenly drags on the paper underneath – in symmetrical patterns – as she fluidly changes positions from front to back, side to side, around and behind until her body finishes the overall design.

Finishing touches are added to smooth out and blend the lines, softening and smoothing until the contrast creates adequate depths and proportions in each design. This takes performance art to a new level, pushing the boundaries, redefining it completely.

This series is titled, “Drawn Inward” and can be seen at some of the many exhibitions around the world where she also shares her knowledge and hosts workshops about the love of drama and the art of creating moving images.

Kudos to the team at Digital Synopsis for posting this incredible work of art.


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