Bringing Paper Art to Life

HuskMitNavn | Illustrator | Copenhagen

HuskMitNavn has his own style of illustration, and still manages to take it to yet another dimension… the third kind with clever little cuts and tears. What tends to maybe look like it was an idea born from tons of doodles and oodles of caffeine refills shows a ton of skill in mastering the perspective and shadow placements. Some of the shadows are natural from the dimensions of the paper while others are carefully illustrated to pop the subject or object off the background. Who knew that simple line drawings with black ink on a white sketchpad could be so interesting and humorous. I’m posting a ton of his work below, but props to BoredPanda for showcasing his work.

HuskMitNavn is a Danish artist, born in 1975. He lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please check out his work in person, since I’m too far to do it myself. Cheers, and enjoy!


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