Cool Photoshop Tutorial that Replaces Color with Words



Even though it says it’s meant for CS4, it’ll work for any version you have installed. Basically, this will work best with a high-contrast photo. The more distinct your light and dark areas, the better visual translation you’ll see. This tutorial seems pretty simple, and I have yet to try it out, but when I do – I’ll edit this and will repost my version. Check it out here.



::: Viktor Hertz ::: Honest Logos :::

… or what they really should say! I find this series by Viktor Hertz to be a hilarious take on these familiar identities that most definitely spill the honesty up front!


Kudos to for posting his work. I found it to be an entertaining and inspirational end to my day, so thanks!

Hand-cut posters and book covers by Kevin Stanton… beautiful!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Beautiful new hand cut paper theater posters by Brooklyn-based illustrator Kevin Stanton continue to demonstrate his creative vision and talent with a scalpel and now at a much larger scale (13½” x 20″). See more of Kevin’s work on his website and blog. Plus check out my previous spotlight on his work here, including his fantastic paper cut book covers.

[ All work & images © Kevin Stanton ]

::::: Tutti Frutti Ruti’s Roots :::::

This 26-year old, Ruti Ben Dror, has some amazing work she’s created all through folding paper. I can’t imagine how many paper cuts were attained in making these extraordinary works! Check them out here:

::::: Pablo Abad ::::: Not bad at all, actually!

His work is influenced by geometry, surrealism, and he loves typography. This cat lives in Madrid, and I gotta say… I really dig his work.

Here’s a link to his site…