::: This is Horrorgami, Origami Gone Mad :::

Marc Hagan-Guirey

is the mastermind behind Paper Dandy and this Horrorgami series. 

This whole series is entirely composed of Marc’s favorite haunted houses that he has recreated so carefully and precisely. Each of these masterpieces is made from one solitary piece of paper and without any glue whatsoever.

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Street Art Series #1 ::: Legos ::: Dispatch Work

Street Art Series #1 ::: Legos ::: Dispatch Work

With dispatchers in almost 25 places worldwide, these street artists have come together and showcased their installations unifying all of these varied locations in one united place – the inter-webs. Whether you’re viewing the work from Tel Aviv or from New York, Amsterdam or Barcelona… the work is the same and consistent everywhere. The Dispatch Workers manage to fill the gaps of older structures – or do their “patch work” so-to-speak – with nothing but stacking LEGOS!!! Alternating different colored legos to create these really eye-catchy patterns. Something so simple – yet ever so clever and brilliant! You take a familiar toy from childhood – and an incredibly recognized brand at that – and use these plastic stacking, primary colored blocks as a way to finish off the structural inadequacies. In short, they literally fill in the gaps and replace the holes where cement or concrete once filled – like I said – it’s just ingenious! Let’s review this again… they take plastic structural-building toy blocks to replace the holes from a “durable” material such as concrete or cement – just so much ironic hilarity in this concept, I f’n love it!!!

On a side note, I’ll be going to Italy on my honeymoon in a couple months, and I will make a point to seek out these installations, if they happen to still be there. Who knows… maybe I’ll get lucky and find them.

Also, stay tuned as I will be posting more to contribute to showcasing these street artists. They are free thinkers, go against the grain and they are anything but the status quo. We need more of those in this world – before the corporate culture and our governments stamp it out. Oh, and to end on a lighter note… I really like their work, how it’s executed and just how much fun it represents!  For now, if you’d like to check out more artwork, check out this site in the meantime.

What if you could stay in a hotel where the room was an airstream??? Only in Berlin :::

“In a 200-square-meter vacuum-cleaner factory in Berlin’s Neukölln district, the creators of Hütten Palast have created a ‘playground’ of caravans and wooden huts, arranged haphazardly indoors to reconstruct what Germans call Schrebergartenglück, a term that can only be wordily translated as “the joy of spending some time in a small garden plot in the middle of many other small garden plots.” For a small fee, visitors can navigate a colorful campground and sample Berlin’s spirited countercultures, manifested in ad-hoc architectures and a community of cafes serving local fare. In essence, take the charm of an illegal Bushwick loft, eliminate glaring concerns about hygiene, and add an international community yearning for genuine encounters.” Architizer Blog

It’s like camping indoors!!! Cute and novel idea, but more privacy would be needed for me to actually stay here…

For more information on the hotel and to see more gallery pics, check out their site here.

This, my friends, is motivation to succeed. Can you imagine coming home to this?

Nothing like bringing the outdoors in… the only thing I’d hope for is no mosquitos!!!

Check out more pictures here.

my new dream house…

It’s always good to have a goal in mind when you start off your week…

The First Crescent | by SAOTA | located in Cape Town, Africa

new to lyon: the orange cube


Designed as a part of an urban planning project to replenish the docks of Lyon, the five-storey orthogonal cube plays off the fluid movement of the River Saône, exploring the effects of subtraction and voids on the quality and generation of space.  Get the scoop here.