Charcoal Drawings Created Through the Art of Dance

Heather Hansen puts her body into it, literally. She’s found a way to combine her love of dance and fine art, using her arms, legs and some beautifully choreographed dance postures and poses to create each drawing. The charcoal slowly and evenly drags on the paper underneath – in symmetrical patterns – as she fluidly changes positions from front to back, side to side, around and behind until her body finishes the overall design. Continue reading


Painting in Layers Like This is Completely Mesmerizing

Oguz Uygur has mastered the art of Ebru (or paper marbling in English). Born in Turkey, he learned this artform from his parents. Not only is the end result beautiful in itself, he takes it further and shows how it’s created literally step by step, up close and personal with the work. Drop by drop, layer by layer, color by color, we watch each painting come to life. Continue reading

Ever heard of Speed Painting? Check out these vids… a really neat way to unveil your talents

Painting is one of those segways I never traveled down as an artist – at least not yet anyways. However, after stumbling upon Agnes Cecile’s work and watching her videos, I have a renewed appreciation for the art form, as an artist myself and as a viewer. There’s something so mesmerizing to watch these paintings unveil themselves, and to see step-by-step the process of how many steps it actually takes to create one of these beautiful works of art. I really like the abstract compositions, her use of very expressive lines and dabs of color for creating dramatic accents throughout.

Agnes Cecile | Birthday | Speed Painting Series

You can see more of her videos here or check out her work on deviant art as well.

Gorgeous Scenics in the Bon Iver’s New “Holocene” Video

… Not to mention the song is just mesmerizing! (So good, I bought the album, and it is downloading now as I type…)

Directed by Nabil Elderkin, the vocals are as dreamy as the tranquil landscapes surrounding the boy.  Some of Nabil’s clients have included: Nike, Coca Cola, Warner Bros, Universal Music, Capitol Records, SONY, Vogue , Heidi Klum, Rolling Stone, Adidas, Paramount Pictures, Vans, and MTV – to name a select few. In addition, he has also created music videos for other known artists such as: John Legend, Common, Morning Parade, Kanye West, “Diddy” and Seal, to name a few. The style of his videos exhibits a quality that is superior to most and a “level up” from the norm from the way he lights or captures his scenes to the way he intentionally frames his compositions.

Having browsed through Nabil’s work, I am truly impressed with this Australian-born Director’s artistry.

Still Captured from Bon Iver's "Holocene" Video


In this “Holocene” video, it appears these tranquil scenes were shot at a really high frame rate in order to slow it down to achieve that illusive and dreamy look & feel.

house in ubatuba, são paulo

Can you imagine waking up to stunning views of this beach cove? Even more spectacular is the blueprint for this house, where the house entrance is made upside down. Check it out below…

Here’s the jist:

postcard from bali… simply stunning!

Having been to Bali, it is the most interesting place I’ve seen thus far. Their culture is deeply rooted in tradition that, while the rest of the world seems to be changing with the times, the Balinese manage to still keep it simple. There’s a pride they possess in their people, their religion, their way of life… and rightfully so. Everything you eat there is either caught or grown. Rice is their “cash crop” and it’s an integral part of every meal.

This video not only pays homage to the Balinese culture, but it serves as a beautiful travelogue.