Remember When This Pianist Played on a Floating Platform to Save the Arctic

Two years ago, world renowned pianist, Ludovico Einaudi, was surrounded by ice in the Arctic, as he performed on a floating platform this amazing piece called “Elegy for the Arctic.” I remembered then and even now when I listen how the goosebumps run up my arms and down my legs. The way he plays is so moving, and combine that with the scenery, makes this even an even more meaningful experience.

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::: Legos With a Tramp Stamp? :::

What happens when pens come together with Legos?

You get an awesome worldwide viral campaign, that’s what.

Not only that, but what a great way to showcase the super thin lines of the Extra Fine Pilot pens – on Lego mini-figures. Known worldwide in popularity, now people all over can get to know the tatted versions. The mad men behind this project are Barcelona’s Grey agency.

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No More Candy for These Drunken Toddlers!


This is definitely one of those instances where the style of advertising and the cultures between agencies around the world differ and push boundaries. At first glance, I immediately thought, “Oh that sleepy baby is so cute!!!” Then, when I saw what the ad was for (whiskey-infused chocolates), the image had a totally different connotation. Let’s just say that my secondary reaction was a bit more surprised they took it there. Then, after collecting my thoughts, I gave the entire campaign another look – and well, it’s really freakin’ cute. Not everything you see is “real.” I’m pretty sure parents aren’t going to be “swayed” into getting their children drunk. More importantly, I’d be willing to bet there aren’t any toddlers that will be lured into the deep, dark realms of whiskey-hood either.  It was effective in making me look… and look back, and look back a third time!  On a side note, I wonder why no female toddlers were used in the making of these ads… Is this hinting that advertising is still a man’s world?  (Just kidding… calm down… no need to have a hissy!!)

In this hilarious print ad campaign by Dentsu South America, adorable images of “drunken” toddlers are used to sell chocolates infused with Jack Daniels whiskey. L’Univers de Chocolat is a highly regarded French confectionary in Sao Paolo, Brazil, started by Chef Nicolas Galland. Dentsu has been the world’s largest single-brand advertising company for almost 40 years and this “Funny Baby” campaign won the creative directors, Felipe Cama and Alexandre Lucas, a Gold Outdoor Lion at Cannes National Advertising Festival 2010. These charming pictures were photographed by Rogério Miranda, who was voted the 13th best advertising photographer in the world in 2004, by Archive magazine. While some may find the inebriated baby ads controversial, I can’t help but wonder where I can get some of these chocolates.  — Visual News, article found here.

Not the typical campaign strategy…

… For a candidate that’s not so “typical.”  In less than 24hrs, we got more than 7 pages of comments and more than 1600 views. At the end of the first day, there were over 12,500 views, and it keeps getting more. While each comment has clearly made the effort and time spent worthwhile, this video wasn’t created to achieve praise. We created it to spread the word and to get his story out there.  Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust

Most people don’t know who he really is or what he stands for as a candidate running for President in 2012. More importantly, they don’t know that his views have never wavered in his 30-years of being a politician. That alone separates him and what makes him a-typical from the others.

Please view and share this with as many NON Ron Paul fans you can find. Not trying to preach to the choir… but to educate and inform those who don’t know his (and the other candidates’) history. Thanks!!!

Ron Paul President 2012

Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust


Edited: Sean Wheeler. Design and Animation: Shelli Crouse.

Music: “The Only Moment We Were Alone” by Explosions in the Sky

Video: Special Thanks to Veterans for Ron Paul, and “For Liberty” – a film by Chris Rye and Corey Kealiher

Other clips courtesy of:
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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