Incredible Calligraphy, Drawn to Look Like It’s 3D

As a graphic designer, I have an EXTREME admiration to those who also appreciate typography and the skill behind it. The art of hand-drawn type – and even drawing on paper – is not something you witness in person as readily as you once did before our digital age. When’s the last time you noticed someone on the train or sitting in the park with their sketchbook? Scratch that. When’s the last time you looked up from your own phone to pay attention to what’s happening around you – to notice someone like Tolga Girgin who’s been going to town on a type rendering not two seats over from you in your favorite coffee shop.
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::: Typography You Can Interact With :::

Meet the artist, Alida Rosie Sayer

Not only is this designer experimenting across the gamut with creating a very tactile approach to typography, but she has carefully cut out each of the numerous layers to also enhance the overall experience of interacting with her artwork. This is so you can touch it, watch it move, distort, undulate, manipulate – right before your eyes. It really is quite genius how well this whole series turned out.

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13,138 Dice Created This Portrait, One for Each Day of His Friend’s Life…

Frederick McSwain took 13,138 dice and created this incredible portrait of the late designer and his close friend, Tobias Wong. The piece is entitled “Die,” and each die represents a day of Wong’s life. This was featured as part of exhibition at Gallery R’Pure in NYC in memoriam to the artist during NY Design Week. What a phenomenal tribute!!! I can’t imagine how much planning took place and the hours of devotion to create such a detailed piece.

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tristan eaton | 3D art book just released

Tristan Eaton | 3D Art Book


Tristan Eaton… here’s a guy who’s really carved out a niche for himself. From his association with Kid Robot to getting his permanent collection in NY’s MOMA… with titles from street artist & toy designer to president & creative director, his range as a creative leader’s nothing shy of impressive. Take a peek at his latest release, the 3D art book. Grab your glasses peeps – it’s worth a peek!

Here’s more pics from the book, or check out Tristan’s site here.

great type styles…

Oscar Marchal | Inquietto  >>>> More Here