Clever Logos Made with Numbers

There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing some clever “a-ha” moments within design, and in this case, logos. These are particularly special because they all have found unique ways to feature numbers within the brand. Some numbers have been integrated so we well into their composition, it’s almost as if you don’t immediately spot them… until you do, and then they instantly become memorable, and you want to see more and more. That’s the climatic experience every designer chases and craves once they get a taste of inspiration. It’s what makes this job so fun!

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Charcoal Drawings Created Through the Art of Dance

Heather Hansen puts her body into it, literally. She’s found a way to combine her love of dance and fine art, using her arms, legs and some beautifully choreographed dance postures and poses to create each drawing. The charcoal slowly and evenly drags on the paper underneath – in symmetrical patterns – as she fluidly changes positions from front to back, side to side, around and behind until her body finishes the overall design. Continue reading

Water . Ink . Macro Lens . Video Camera . Patience

Equals this really cool video. It does a great job in capturing the close-up detail of the ink traveling down the stream of water, creating these really cool illustrations. In addition to this being visually interesting, I think conceptually, it does a clever job in reinforcing the message in how it only takes a tiny bit, a drop (in this case of ink) to infect a large area. If there’s one thing that bothers me, it’s that woman’s voice. It’s too dramatic and over-the-top. Regardless, it’s definitely worth checking out – if for nothing else – marveling at the captivating visuals!

two birds

:::::: this guy’s insanely talented :::::::

Aaron Horkey | Rock of Eye

This guy’s talent is insane with these incredibly detailed illustrations. His style is insanely refined and controlled, but not only that… his hand-drawn type skills create envy in the eyes of any designer.

Some of his clients have been: Flip Skateboards, Neurosis, Andrew Bird, Flight of the Conchords and Mogwai to name a few. Amazing work! By far, this was the best Stumble I’ve found yet.

Here’s more of his work…

calling all radiohead fans…

Here’s a series of album-inspired desktops from all of their albums. Oh, and you can download them for free!