Bringing Paper Art to Life

HuskMitNavn | Illustrator | Copenhagen

HuskMitNavn has his own style of illustration, and still manages to take it to yet another dimension… the third kind with clever little cuts and tears. What tends to maybe look like it was an idea born from tons of doodles and oodles of caffeine refills shows a ton of skill in mastering the perspective and shadow placements. Continue reading


Oootopia: An Artgebraic Tribute to Adventure Time

What Time is It? Adventure Time!!!

Having worked at Cartoon Network for the past few years, I remember the launch of the Adventure Time series and since April of 2010, it’s created a world-wide phenomenon! Not only has the company seen complete and utter success, but it’s inspired people all over the world to take notice and join in the fandom and total nostalgia with me. Continue reading

This Takes Doodling to a Whole New Level

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Sagaki Keita | Illustrator and Artist from Tokyo

This 28-year-old artist, Sagaki Keita, was born in 1984 and lives and works out of his hometown in Tokyo. His intensely layered pen and ink illustrations consist of millions of expressive doodles that are so freely released on paper – yet he carries with each a pure intent of creating a fine art piece when complete.  The numerous myriad of these playful characters which are comprised of individual pen strokes and overlapping lines… these whimsical elements fill in the gaps or they are layered on top of each other to in the end make up shading on a cheekbone or create the shadows of muscle tones. Just absolutely brilliant – the technique! To see more of his work, click here.

Boo! What’s Under the Bed?

Joe Fenton knows because they are both names of his two children’s books. This sculptor, writer and incredibly talented illustrator may remind of the same gothic, whimsical and quirky tone you’d see in something like “Coraline” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  Although his work may take on those qualities, make no mistake. He possesses a style of his own. Having worked for Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Life of Brian), Disney and Miramax, Fenton’s experience in the film industry has helped shape his career path as an incredibly detailed artist. Check out his work here.


Joe Fenton from the "Solitude" series