MODA Exhibit Piece

This was one of my exhibit pieces created for MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta). It features a branch that’s over 30yrs old – which was brought back from Tokyo by my teacher. She, of course, lent this to me temporarily for this event. It reminds me of a skater or ballerina being hoisted up by her partner.

To see more of my ikebana arrangements, check out my company’s site, The Flower Sculptor.

MODA Exhibit Piece


Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers can brighten up any space.

A client of mine asked that I would create an arrangement as a surprise for her significant other. Needless to say, they really enjoyed waking up to this arrangement and having it be the last thing they saw before they went to sleep at night. Check out more of these flower sculptures here…

Grace Spreads Her Wings | Shelli Crouse

do you see what i see? these aren’t just “flowers”

Artist Cecelia Webber takes pics of people naked and then digitally manipulates them to create these incredible floral creations.

Here’s more of her work here.
Here’s more on her write-up here.

need flowers? will travel

The Flower Sculptor | Sculpting Harmony Through Shape, Line & Form

People hire her for several reasons, but mostly because they love flowers. What she does is more than just placing a bunch of flowers and greenery into a vase and handing over an ordinary arrangement. That can be purchased from any flower shop. Even the grocery stores – they can now provide that. The services provided here by The Flower Sculptor are a little different than any other florist. Each piece is custom, a one-of-a-kind sculpture made from live flowers and materials, and they are designed to fit their space perfectly. No two pieces are duplicated, so each is unique and priced reasonably and competitively.