This Graffiti Artist Creates His Work in 3D ::: Meet Shaka

SHAKA is a visual artist who incorporates a unique 3D in his work. It uses a process that allows him to sculpt directly onto the canvas. His theatrical scenes beyond the literal space of the work to create a bridge to the place where we are. The characters challenge us by their behavior often exacerbated. Faces are fragmented, ribbed, made of abstract shapes or figurative tending to complicate or to codify their behavior, giving the impression that they wear a mask. This show is a static call the meeting to deal with nonsense reflection of our way of being in everyday life.

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The 2nd Battles video released of the series | “Futura”


“We stayed some four hours in the salon Bertrand. Way longer than we promised the people working at Paris’ City Hall ; we had promised we would leave at 7.30, but it was 8 and we still hadn’t recorded Futura, which we really wanted to film. We were all exhausted, but the band was dead tired. They were less rigorous, drifting, especially John, struggling with his drumkit despite the fatigue. Playing Futura, that night, was like fighting the beast. Their beast.”

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Battles "Futura"

New Battles Video for “Wall Street” | A Take Away Show

Battles | Wall Street | A Take Away Show

“… We were in an environment as different as the group themselves – their mathematical music, cut to the extreme, long sections with boxes within boxes – we couldn’t possibly film on just one camera. Nat found himself directing five cameras, trying to not miss even a microsecond of what was happening. The result is like nothing we’ve ever created before. Blogothèque, Battles, Bertrand : three B’s who have together embarked on a twisted mission.”

Battles | Wall Street | A Take Away Show

Filmed at "The Hotel de Ville" in Paris

new to lyon: the orange cube


Designed as a part of an urban planning project to replenish the docks of Lyon, the five-storey orthogonal cube plays off the fluid movement of the River Saône, exploring the effects of subtraction and voids on the quality and generation of space.  Get the scoop here.