Interactive Street Art: Space Invaders on the Streets of Manchester

Filthy Luker teams up with Red Stripe to create this fun and exciting street art project of Space Invaders. He’s taken normal elements seen everyday on the streets (street furniture, road signs, construction barriers) and with some behind-the-scenes electronic rigs, he’s been able to successfully create a fully interactive experience – where the people of Manchester can – with the press of a button – play Space Invaders on the streets with each other. The orange construction barriers each look like a Space Invader, so when someone presses the button, the lights (behind the objects) display a gigantic game on the side of this building in the city. So much fun!!!!!


Exonaut promo variation I created for Cartoon Network’s newest game

Knocked out in about a week, this animation was created to promote the new game for Cartoon Network, which has totally kick butt since its launch.  Check it out…

Play the Exonaut game for FREE here.

Blurrrrrrr… makes me purrrrrrr…

… especially when I can watch their reel AND listen to Muse. But, back on topic… so if you want to see some skills in the 3D realm, these guys totally kick ass! In short, big fan over here… BIG!

Here’s a link to their reel…

my latest piece: cartoon network’s “project exonaut” game promo

Knocked out in about a week, this piece teases the new game for Cartoon Network, which will totally kick butt when it launches. Stay tuned…

Here’s the team who helped put this bad boy together:

Art & Creative Direction: Jeremy Vanhoozer

3D Animation & Character Design: Matt McCullah

Sound Design: Chris Nicholson

Sound Effects: Tim Meany

Motion Design & Effects: Shelli Crouse