Now THAT’s an impressive reel… check out this guy’s MOVES!

Let me present to you… ANTON NENASHEV. Made in Russia. Lives in Moscow. Owner. Designer. Art Director at Nenashev, his post-production studio. I’ve seen a sh!t ton of reels in my life, but none that have had this much variety to offer. Your eye is constantly teased from start to finish with one visual execution to the next, AND with each one, I just want to see MORE! That is the ultimate sign of (1) a great montage and (2) an incredible exhibition of talent. Watch his reel below and then jump on over to his site to satisfy your hungry eyes!!! OH! In the top right corner, make sure you click the fullscreen mode for the ultimate in viewing pleasure!


Oh yea, well ShinyBinary can show you how it’s done…

Nik Ainley, the artist of this amazing work has been producing these incredible works for various clients for ten (plus) years. The guy started out studying Physics, and what a WASTE that would have been to the art world if he had stuck with it. Instead, he discovered he was interested in the digital arts, and thankfully, decided to follow his passion.

Take a look at his work, and the detail that goes into it. When you get up close, you can notice all the finite textures in his playful compositions. The typography skills, his use of shapes, colors… very balanced and polished. The guy’s got talent, that’s for damn sure!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Find out more about this talented artist here.

If you think this is cool, check out the complete portfolio here:

Buy the limited edition prints here:

This is how you can learn how it’s actually made:

Not the typical campaign strategy…

… For a candidate that’s not so “typical.”  In less than 24hrs, we got more than 7 pages of comments and more than 1600 views. At the end of the first day, there were over 12,500 views, and it keeps getting more. While each comment has clearly made the effort and time spent worthwhile, this video wasn’t created to achieve praise. We created it to spread the word and to get his story out there.  Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust

Most people don’t know who he really is or what he stands for as a candidate running for President in 2012. More importantly, they don’t know that his views have never wavered in his 30-years of being a politician. That alone separates him and what makes him a-typical from the others.

Please view and share this with as many NON Ron Paul fans you can find. Not trying to preach to the choir… but to educate and inform those who don’t know his (and the other candidates’) history. Thanks!!!

Ron Paul President 2012

Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust


Edited: Sean Wheeler. Design and Animation: Shelli Crouse.

Music: “The Only Moment We Were Alone” by Explosions in the Sky

Video: Special Thanks to Veterans for Ron Paul, and “For Liberty” – a film by Chris Rye and Corey Kealiher

Other clips courtesy of:
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
The Young Turks
Fox News
ABC News

Wanna see what those plug-ins can do in After Efx? Watch this…

I can tell you as an effects artist, he is definitely having some fun using Kaleidoscope, Fractals, Bulge, Mirror and a good many more to create these distortions. I’m sure with a couple more scans, I’ll be able to pick up a couple more filters. A lot of people use effects like they use the filters in Photoshop and it becomes pure abuse in torturing our eyes visually. Not with this guy though – Frank Beltran carefully chose the filters that would take the composition and visual interest to the next level, and to be frank, he nailed it!

Check out more of Frank Beltran’s work here:

goin’ back in time: the motionholic reel

motionholic | 2009 reel

Motiongraphic Designer, DongHyun Kim

There are aspects of his reel I find to be really well done (like “The Art of Writing”), and then there are others that don’t “wow” me as much. However, from start to finish, the “way” this guy animates is why I’m posting him up here. His animations have this fluidity and grace to them that you have to see for yourself.