Interactive Street Art: Space Invaders on the Streets of Manchester

Filthy Luker teams up with Red Stripe to create this fun and exciting street art project of Space Invaders. He’s taken normal elements seen everyday on the streets (street furniture, road signs, construction barriers) and with some behind-the-scenes electronic rigs, he’s been able to successfully create a fully interactive experience – where the people of Manchester can – with the press of a button – play Space Invaders on the streets with each other. The orange construction barriers each look like a Space Invader, so when someone presses the button, the lights (behind the objects) display a gigantic game on the side of this building in the city. So much fun!!!!!


MAKE SOME MUSIC ::: Turn your volume UP ::: Click to REMIX and share

Oh, and I forgot to mention, “Happy New Year” from everyone at Mono. Who are they you say? They’re a pretty popular design agency based in Minnesota (that’s Min-eh-soooooooooooo-dah) for those outsiders. So these guys do some pretty cool stuff for some pretty cool companies. Some you may have heard of: Apple, NBA TV, USA Network, MSNBC  to name a few. And their projects range from those in digital, tv/film, print, social media, experiential – pretty much across the gamut. So what of it then?

Well, they made a really cool interactive experience where you can create your own remix or song just by activating different sounds generated by clicking on one of their pixel people. When you click, you unleash the sound AND they also animate similarly to the sound in various pixellated loops. It’s really interesting to hear the melodies unfold, but they made it even MORE fun and exciting by adding a little REMIX button at the top. Press this baby, and well… you can just see for yourself. Enough blabbing… go make some music, people!!!

Unleash the fun, here.

A behind-the-scenes look at Mill Touch: An interactive multi-touch experience

This interactive display allows the viewer to engage in the experience by touching the glass to make their selections. Once they make a selection all of their controls are at their fingertips, literally. The viewer can select by client and then tap on the project. The infrared lasers pinpoint the touch and the visual projection changes accordingly. There a digital menu allows them to play it, or they can rewind or fast-forward, all the while there’s a digital timecode and a preview of the video. It’s harder to describe and more accurate to just watch the video and see for yourself. Check it out.


Wooden Mirrors: An Interactive Art Experiment

Daniel Rozin has gone against the grain with this one. He’s created an interactive installation which is comprised of over 800 pieces of wood that generate a reflection of whatever is in front of its camera. Wooden chips are attached to individual motors that receive data from the computer. This data tells them to flip at various angles to generate the light and dark areas of each image that’s in front of the camera, based on what angle of light hits each wooden piece.

It’s better explained by watching it in action…

Here’s the explanation behind it…

Wooden Mirror by Daniel Rozin

Here’s more information about the artist, and his work from the original post.

Arcade Fire’s “The Wilderness Downtown” still amazes me…

For my Facebook friends, you’ve seen this post from me awhile back when it was released. However, it’s definitely worth a repost. This is the first interactive video I’ve seen that integrates the technology beautifully and seamlessly, yielding a personalized and unique experience for the user.

First, you’re prompted to enter your address… for the best experience, choose one that you’re really familiar with – perhaps where you grew up. The video then inserts satellite imagery of that address from Google Maps into “The Wilderness Downtown” video, and as you’re watching and listening, your personalized story unfolds. Using html5 is the technology behind this inspirational piece, the catalyst that helps the user resonate and connect to the visuals, the song and the band.  Simply. Brilliant.   Here’s a link to this video.

ROME: 3 Dreams of Black

This is an interactive musical film, written and directed by Chris Milk. What’s so rad about this film is that it’s ​​in 3D and allows you (the user) to look wherever you want at any time. It was made using WebGL – which turns your browser into a 3D engine, generating everything you see in real-time!  The music is a result of the collaboration between: Danger Mouse , Daniele LuppiNorah Jones and Jack White.

To take a peek at this work of awesomeness, open up Google Chrome and go here to play:

Here’s the making of:

For schlitz and griggles, here’s the work of my creative director, Jacob Escobedo, who designed the look and feel of the branding for this film.  Here’s just some more info on it.

Color Me _____________

Color Me ______ | An interactive exhibition created by Andy Miller & Andrew Neyer that already happened this past Feb/March. BUT, what’s cool about the idea is that each person there was able to take these giant markers and color in the 24-ft mural. How fun to be a kid again!!!