“Home” Video – Up Close and Personal

“Home” by Chris Burkard in Arroyo, California

To be inspired in your work, it’s probably the most important thing. To be surrounded by people and places that make you want to work creatively and do your best, it’s really the essence of what everyone is searching for… in their jobs and their careers. ~ Chris Burkard
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Now That’s a Good Blow Job!!!

Filmed by Spotas and created by Tadao Cern, “Blow Job” has received great acclaim, for it captures the hilarity in watching all of these volunteers step in front of the camera only to be hit by 340mph of wind in their faces. In slow motion playback, you’re seeing their faces open up, sum, ripple as these gusts of wind hit their faces, frame by frame. Continue reading

Her name is “Ramen Noodle” and on top of having the sweetest face…

… she is also handicapped and has no front legs. Not that it matters – as she seems to be happy and get around as any of her four-legged friends, and with a face like that she’s loved just the same. This series is the third I’ve posted on Carli Davidson’s work.

It’s truly evident, I’m truly a fan of this girl’s work. It seems that she has a knack for getting the viewer to connect with her subjects, which is really impressive. With the advances in technology, anyone now can take a crisp or clean picture with the improvements in cameras. But, there’s something about her shots that I love – how real her subjects are, how much personality she captures. With Carli’s work “imperfect” can evoke as much emotion and connection as those familiar cliché shots of cute, fuzzy animals. This is why I think her work is astounding and deserved another post.

I am not only loving how sweet this dog is, but her name is also just so fitting. I still feel that if Carli was to do these shots to help get animals rescued, we’d have a lot more pets in homes today.

I briefly featured Ramen Noodle in the last post, which featured Carli’s “Handicapped Series.”  The first of these three posts was the “Shake Series” – where she captured animals in the act of shaking – also worth checking out…

Carli Davidson Photography ::: Pets with Disabilities Series


This grouping concentrates on showing these incredibly sweet photos of people’s pets that have disabilities. When I first clicked on this gallery, I was instantly connected with these really sweet animals. As humans, we are always quick to notice when something or someone is “different” from the “norm.” Well, these photos show the obvious differences between what we might term as “normal” pets, but she ever-so-brilliantly was able to again master her technique in really capturing their genuine sweetness in the shot. If there was a price tag next to these animals and a store hooked up, my bank account would be EMPTY!

Now, there are no descriptions available to tell whether these were actually her pets, someone she knows or just some random stranger she approached. She does have experience working with animals in the Oregon Zoo and has had multiple pets over the years. Without those details, your guess is as good as mine here. On a side note, whoever came up with those contraptions to allow these animals to function and explore life should win a serious award. It’s so heartwarming to see that someone took the time to go through the steps to allow their fur baby the chance to explore life at their fullest potential. This person just raised the bar of that potential exponentially!

None the less, let me re-present to you Carli Davidson’s and a preview into her stellar photography featuring cute fur babies with various handicaps.

In case you missed the first post I made earlier, check out her examples ftom the Shake Series – where she has mastered so perfectly capturing animals in the act of shaking.  

Animal Trainer, Caretaker & Photographer ::: Carli Davidson


Not only are her photos honest and real, but she has a knack for capturing the humor and personality perfectly in each shot. This series focuses on shots of animals who were caught in the act of shaking. Check out the detail, the expressions, the natural distortions that are so real they look unreal, if that makes any sense whatsoever. Carli has found a way to take her two loves (animals & photography) and bring them both together, which really creates the best of both worlds. Her talent in allowing the animals to trust her allows her to get close to them, closer than most in order to really capture their character in each composition. What you see in each picture is nothing short of impressive!

So, who is Carli Davidson you might ask? She describes herself as the following:

Carli Davidson is both an internationally recognized award-winning photographer and an experienced animal trainer and caretaker. She is able to capture the innate personalities of her subjects using her professional understanding of animal behavior. She is a freelance photographer for the Oregon Zoo, and works regularly with domestic animals both commercially and personally for her fine art projects.

Carli spends much of her shoots rolling on the ground with her subject, getting in their skin as much as possible and encouraging them to open up to the camera. Her history working at the Oregon Zoo an well as nature preserves and animal rescues has given her the opportunity to care for everything from chimpanzees to rats. She shares her home with a dogue de Bordeaux named Norbert and a small, incredibly loud black cat named Yushi. 

Find out more about her on her site, and take some time to look through some of her other galleries. They’re really quite interesting and unique in their own respect.

No More Candy for These Drunken Toddlers!


This is definitely one of those instances where the style of advertising and the cultures between agencies around the world differ and push boundaries. At first glance, I immediately thought, “Oh that sleepy baby is so cute!!!” Then, when I saw what the ad was for (whiskey-infused chocolates), the image had a totally different connotation. Let’s just say that my secondary reaction was a bit more surprised they took it there. Then, after collecting my thoughts, I gave the entire campaign another look – and well, it’s really freakin’ cute. Not everything you see is “real.” I’m pretty sure parents aren’t going to be “swayed” into getting their children drunk. More importantly, I’d be willing to bet there aren’t any toddlers that will be lured into the deep, dark realms of whiskey-hood either.  It was effective in making me look… and look back, and look back a third time!  On a side note, I wonder why no female toddlers were used in the making of these ads… Is this hinting that advertising is still a man’s world?  (Just kidding… calm down… no need to have a hissy!!)

In this hilarious print ad campaign by Dentsu South America, adorable images of “drunken” toddlers are used to sell chocolates infused with Jack Daniels whiskey. L’Univers de Chocolat is a highly regarded French confectionary in Sao Paolo, Brazil, started by Chef Nicolas Galland. Dentsu has been the world’s largest single-brand advertising company for almost 40 years and this “Funny Baby” campaign won the creative directors, Felipe Cama and Alexandre Lucas, a Gold Outdoor Lion at Cannes National Advertising Festival 2010. These charming pictures were photographed by Rogério Miranda, who was voted the 13th best advertising photographer in the world in 2004, by Archive magazine. While some may find the inebriated baby ads controversial, I can’t help but wonder where I can get some of these chocolates.  — Visual News, article found here.