Incredible Calligraphy, Drawn to Look Like It’s 3D

As a graphic designer, I have an EXTREME admiration to those who also appreciate typography and the skill behind it. The art of hand-drawn type – and even drawing on paper – is not something you witness in person as readily as you once did before our digital age. When’s the last time you noticed someone on the train or sitting in the park with their sketchbook? Scratch that. When’s the last time you looked up from your own phone to pay attention to what’s happening around you – to notice someone like Tolga Girgin who’s been going to town on a type rendering not two seats over from you in your favorite coffee shop.
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::: Yep, these are drawings alright… done with a ballpoint blue Bic pen :::

Juan Francisco Casas is insanely talented! He takes photos out and about and then uses them as the inspiration for creating these drawings. Awesome!!!

Blurrrrrrr… makes me purrrrrrr…

… especially when I can watch their reel AND listen to Muse. But, back on topic… so if you want to see some skills in the 3D realm, these guys totally kick ass! In short, big fan over here… BIG!

Here’s a link to their reel…

they look like real landscapes, but really they’re made with…

… whatever food items Eszter Burghardt can get his hands on.  Presenting the “Edible Vistas” series:

From the artist himself, “My current work is based on the remote and isolated geography of Iceland. I photograph miniature dioramas that I construct using primarily wool, food, and random objects from the studio… To re-live the barren highlands I chose poppy seeds, coco powder, coffee, milk, and chocolate cake crumbs to represent the various textures found in this landscape. The cake like volcanic landforms, milky blue lagoons, and edible faux-craters capture the likeness of this area in Iceland.