::: Typography You Can Interact With :::

Meet the artist, Alida Rosie Sayer

Not only is this designer experimenting across the gamut with creating a very tactile approach to typography, but she has carefully cut out each of the numerous layers to also enhance the overall experience of interacting with her artwork. This is so you can touch it, watch it move, distort, undulate, manipulate – right before your eyes. It really is quite genius how well this whole series turned out.

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In the spirit of Halloween, check out these insanely carved punkins!

Who does these incredibly detailed carvings?

What I wonder as I look at these incredible carvings is how long does it take Ray Villafane to make one of these sculptures? How long does he have before the pumpkins start decaying and turning brown? Every picture I have seen is at the end stage or the during phase, and there is absolutely no brown spots or soft spots! And yet, according to a recent article, one sculpture averages out to take around eight hours to create. (That’s an average!) So some could take more than that time, and yet how does he beat the clock?

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This Graffiti Artist Creates His Work in 3D ::: Meet Shaka

SHAKA is a visual artist who incorporates a unique 3D in his work. It uses a process that allows him to sculpt directly onto the canvas. His theatrical scenes beyond the literal space of the work to create a bridge to the place where we are. The characters challenge us by their behavior often exacerbated. Faces are fragmented, ribbed, made of abstract shapes or figurative tending to complicate or to codify their behavior, giving the impression that they wear a mask. This show is a static call the meeting to deal with nonsense reflection of our way of being in everyday life.

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Street Art Series #1 ::: Legos ::: Dispatch Work

Street Art Series #1 ::: Legos ::: Dispatch Work

With dispatchers in almost 25 places worldwide, these street artists have come together and showcased their installations unifying all of these varied locations in one united place – the inter-webs. Whether you’re viewing the work from Tel Aviv or from New York, Amsterdam or Barcelona… the work is the same and consistent everywhere. The Dispatch Workers manage to fill the gaps of older structures – or do their “patch work” so-to-speak – with nothing but stacking LEGOS!!! Alternating different colored legos to create these really eye-catchy patterns. Something so simple – yet ever so clever and brilliant! You take a familiar toy from childhood – and an incredibly recognized brand at that – and use these plastic stacking, primary colored blocks as a way to finish off the structural inadequacies. In short, they literally fill in the gaps and replace the holes where cement or concrete once filled – like I said – it’s just ingenious! Let’s review this again… they take plastic structural-building toy blocks to replace the holes from a “durable” material such as concrete or cement – just so much ironic hilarity in this concept, I f’n love it!!!

On a side note, I’ll be going to Italy on my honeymoon in a couple months, and I will make a point to seek out these installations, if they happen to still be there. Who knows… maybe I’ll get lucky and find them.

Also, stay tuned as I will be posting more to contribute to showcasing these street artists. They are free thinkers, go against the grain and they are anything but the status quo. We need more of those in this world – before the corporate culture and our governments stamp it out. Oh, and to end on a lighter note… I really like their work, how it’s executed and just how much fun it represents!  For now, if you’d like to check out more artwork, check out this site in the meantime.

Unbelievable ::: 3D freehand illustration, etched by lasers in glass cubes

“Exiting the realm of flat depiction and stretching the limits between sculpting and graphic arts by creating three dimensional freehand drawings.”  ~ Robin Kosnas has really gone into a new dimension, literally. She has created these amazing and unbelievably detailed sculptures from her 3D freehand illustrations. Apparently, the lasers engrave and etch the detail into these glass cubes, and what it creates are these incredible pieces. Take a peek at the photos up close to really see the finite precision captured. What a beautiful execution… just brilliant!!!  These were taken from her profile on the Behance Network.

Boo! What’s Under the Bed?

Joe Fenton knows because they are both names of his two children’s books. This sculptor, writer and incredibly talented illustrator may remind of the same gothic, whimsical and quirky tone you’d see in something like “Coraline” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  Although his work may take on those qualities, make no mistake. He possesses a style of his own. Having worked for Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Life of Brian), Disney and Miramax, Fenton’s experience in the film industry has helped shape his career path as an incredibly detailed artist. Check out his work here.


Joe Fenton from the "Solitude" series

::::: Tutti Frutti Ruti’s Roots :::::

This 26-year old, Ruti Ben Dror, has some amazing work she’s created all through folding paper. I can’t imagine how many paper cuts were attained in making these extraordinary works! Check them out here: