::: 3D Illusions Sketched on Paper :::

It’s not too often I post up sketches on my blog, but this guy’s talent deserves some props. His name is Nagai Hideyuki, and what can I say except that I really like his work. He’s able to create these optical illusions just using pencils on paper. Continue reading


Unbelievable ::: 3D freehand illustration, etched by lasers in glass cubes

“Exiting the realm of flat depiction and stretching the limits between sculpting and graphic arts by creating three dimensional freehand drawings.”  ~ Robin Kosnas has really gone into a new dimension, literally. She has created these amazing and unbelievably detailed sculptures from her 3D freehand illustrations. Apparently, the lasers engrave and etch the detail into these glass cubes, and what it creates are these incredible pieces. Take a peek at the photos up close to really see the finite precision captured. What a beautiful execution… just brilliant!!!  These were taken from her profile on the Behance Network.

Props to this incredible illustrator & painter, Matt Mignanelli

At first glance, you think, “just another geometric painting.” However, that’s not the case at all in this body of work. To really appreciate his paintings, you should take a few minutes and watch the video which delves into the process and the steps he takes to create one of these amazing geometric creations. From initial sketches to color swatches, from final sketches to pre-mixing colors. The amount of time he spends exploring and perfecting the gradations of colors really shows the perfectionist qualities in him – both as an artist and an individual. It is through selecting the perfect shades and colors that enables Matt to show depth within these geometric shapes. His work is executed with extreme precision, his attention to detail is simply astounding!

I’m also including some of Matt’s illustrations. Aside from his paintings, which are so controlled and precise, his illustrations are quite the opposite. His technique is much more expressive, animated, humorous and exaggerated in the way he creates each character and elements within each scene. Take a peek at other drawings…

dailymation: sleep is for the mortals

What a great way to not only keep your skills sharp, but to really just have an outlet to let that creative energy flow through. Every couple of days, he posts up a new one… Love the frame by frame executions!

The Monkey Not Taken | Yoni Goodman


“… I got sick of the technicality of cutouts & decided to return to the basics of frame by frame animation. To get my hand back in shape I started doing Dailymations- short, sketchy, rough & FUN animations, more about mass and movement and less about fine, clean animation. Each one about an hour’s work (more or less).” ~Yoni Goodman

Here’s more of his “Dailymations.”

you are just a side effect…


Keep refreshing the page until you hear the creepy computer voice that says, “You are just a side effect…” Sit back, and just watch. This is the best of all the random intro animations that load in. Check out his site – he’s best known for his films.