This Graffiti Artist Creates His Work in 3D ::: Meet Shaka

SHAKA is a visual artist who incorporates a unique 3D in his work. It uses a process that allows him to sculpt directly onto the canvas. His theatrical scenes beyond the literal space of the work to create a bridge to the place where we are. The characters challenge us by their behavior often exacerbated. Faces are fragmented, ribbed, made of abstract shapes or figurative tending to complicate or to codify their behavior, giving the impression that they wear a mask. This show is a static call the meeting to deal with nonsense reflection of our way of being in everyday life.

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Painting in Layers Like This is Completely Mesmerizing

Oguz Uygur has mastered the art of Ebru (or paper marbling in English). Born in Turkey, he learned this artform from his parents. Not only is the end result beautiful in itself, he takes it further and shows how it’s created literally step by step, up close and personal with the work. Drop by drop, layer by layer, color by color, we watch each painting come to life. Continue reading

Ever heard of Speed Painting? Check out these vids… a really neat way to unveil your talents

Painting is one of those segways I never traveled down as an artist – at least not yet anyways. However, after stumbling upon Agnes Cecile’s work and watching her videos, I have a renewed appreciation for the art form, as an artist myself and as a viewer. There’s something so mesmerizing to watch these paintings unveil themselves, and to see step-by-step the process of how many steps it actually takes to create one of these beautiful works of art. I really like the abstract compositions, her use of very expressive lines and dabs of color for creating dramatic accents throughout.

Agnes Cecile | Birthday | Speed Painting Series

You can see more of her videos here or check out her work on deviant art as well.

kim cogan: expressive cityscapes

There’s something in his style of painting: the expressive brush strokes, his use of color, lighting, etc. that really does it for me. It evokes an emotional response, and I’m not sure what it is or why I get this reaction, but I do, and that’s all that matters, I suppose.

Here’s more of his work.